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For long, Antioch residential and commercial property owners have opted for tile roofing due to its durability and aesthetic appearance. The same clients have entrusted their roofing projects to Antioch Roofing Pros Co. for years now. The trust that we get as roofing contractors is attributed to the quality of service that we give and how easy it is for us to deliver the right results.

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About Antioch Roofing Pros Co.

You can rely on the Antioch Roofing Pros Co. for guaranteed results when you need an expert in roofing. This is a full-service roofing company with many years of experience. The team that we have brought together has decades of combined experience and would love to have you on board as one of our happy clients.

What we have heavily invested in is the installation, repair, and replacement of different roof types. You can, therefore, get in touch with us if you need a roof for your home, commercial, or industrial buildings. You can also talk to us about roofing your institution, apartment, warehouse, retail, hospital, hotel, churches, and shopping buildings.

Tile Roofing Antioch


Roof tiles can be made from readily available materials, including slate, clay, or terracotta. Some tiles may also be made from concrete or plastic. Depending on a client’s needs, Antioch Roofing Pros Co. offers free advice and quotes on the best options and go-ahead to install a firm and durable roof for them.

Roof tiles can be installed or ‘hung’ from a framework that is already installed to give them a firmer foundation. They are then fixed with nails or other fasteners and hung in different parallel rows, and each piece overlaps the one below it. If you desire, you can also have either one type or a mix of different tile roof options based on the shape of the tiles.

The shapes can range from flat to plain clay tiles and roman tiles. Other shapes include imbrex and tegula, pantiles, monk and nun tiles, interlocking roof tiles, and antefixes. With the many options, it shows a client that it is their tastes and preferences that can only limit their options.


Not only does Antioch Roof Pros install tile roofs, but it also repairs them. We understand how messy a leaking roof can be, which is why we have made it our responsibility to help you repair them. Just a call away, and we shall be attending to your roofing needs and repairing them for you. 

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