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You need to choose the roofing material for your home very wisely as it decides not just the safety and security of your loved ones but also the look and feel of your home. Slate is a natural stone that is being used by large numbers of homeowners as a roofing material. The roof created using slate shingles imparts a luxurious look and feel to the structure and stays strong for a lifetime. 

If you are interested in slate shingles and came here looking for a top-notch roofer, you have come to the right place. Antioch Roofing Pros Co. is a very popular and highly trusted roofing company known for installing beautiful and strong roofs using slate shingles in Antioch. Dial our number (925) 431-6622 to receive a no obligations free quote for slate shingle roofing on your property.

Catching Attention of Homeowners

Slate shingles have been used throughout America and Europe to install roofs of estate houses, churches, libraries, and other public institutions for a long time. However, homeowners have stayed away from this roofing material because of several reasons. Natural slate is expensive to quarry and transport. It also poses difficulties in installation. Natural slate cracks easily as it is fragile. 

However, synthetic slate shingles overcome all these difficulties as they are made of a composite material consisting of rubber and plastic. Synthetic slate looks exactly like a natural slate without its shortcomings. This is why synthetic slate shingles are capturing the imagination of homeowners across the country these days. 

How are Synthetic Slate Shingles Made?

Manufacturers use different materials for creating synthetic shale. Some use plastic or rubber while others include mineral dust and cellulose fibers and recycled plastics and rubbers to create slate shingles. These ingredients are injected into metal from the cast from natural slate. 

Why is Synthetic Slate Called a Green Alternative?

Even if the manufacturer makes use of virgin rubbers or plastics, synthetic shale is referred to as a green alternative in the world of roofing materials. This is because synthetic shale can be easily recycled once the roof has completed its useful life cycle. Homeowners love synthetic slate shingles as they are easy to use and install the roof as compared with authentic slate. Also, synthetic slate shingles do not suffer from any war and tear because of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is because manufacturers include UV inhibitors as a coating in these synthetic shingles. 

Lighter and Easier to Transport

Synthetic shale shingles are lightweight and easily transported to the site where the roof has to be installed. They are even more lightweight than traditional asphalt shingles. No kind of reinforcement is needed by the roof to support these synthetic slate shingles. These shingles can be easily cut into any shape and size according to the requirement with a utility knife. 

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