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Do you love the organic and natural look of wood, but do you fear the inferior strength and longevity of wood shakes and shingles? If yes, then you have the option of metal shingles and shakes for your home’s roofing. These metal shingles capture the look and feel of wooden shingles but retain the inherent strength of steel to provide much-needed peace of mind to the homeowner. 

You are most welcome if you have stumbled upon this page in search of high quality and reliable roofing contractor specializing in metal shingles/shakes. Antioch Roofing Pros Co. is a very popular and reliable roofer in this area, having tons of experience in metal shingles in Antioch. You can get an instant free quote for the roofing job involving metal shingles at (925) 431-6622.

The Beauty of Wood and Strength of Steel

Metal shingles/shakes provide a long-lasting roofing solution to homeowners with the same beautiful and natural looks of wooden shakes. Metal shakes are pre-weathered and distressed to create the same magical looks of wooden shakes. These metal shingles never fade and chalk. They also never tend to curl like that of wooden shingles. These shakes are so strong that they can withstand the pressure created by massive hurricanes and winds. Metal shakes carry a coating that allows them to keep the temperature of the home cooler during summers and warmer during winter months. 

Metal Shakes are Gaining Popularity Among Homeowners

Metal shingles/shakes are catching the attention of large numbers of homeowners across the country these days. These shakes retain their color for a very long time as they do not chalk and fade when exposed to the elements. These shakes are also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. They help reduce the electricity bills of the homeowners by keeping the interiors of their home cooler during the summer. Finally, these shakes enhance the home’s value and fetch a higher resale value to the homeowners. This is why homeowners are taking the money spent on metal roofing as an investment in their homes. 

Virtually Maintenance-free

Roofs created with metal shingles are maintenance-free as they do not suffer from fading and tearing, as is the case with wood shingles and asphalt shingles. You are not required to spend money on their inspection and maintenance. There are no headaches of reroofing and replacement of the roof after 15-20 years like asphalt roofs. With metal shingles, you get a roof with a consistent and timeless beauty that requires no effort on your part to stay beautiful. 

Metal roof installed using metal shingles/shakes are designed to serve for a lifetime. Whether you want to live in your home forever or have a desire to shift into a new one after some time, money spent on metal shingles/shakes is like an investment that you can recover from the buyer in the form of the increased resale value of your home. Contact us at (925) 431-6622 to get answers to all your queries regarding metal shingles/shakes today!