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If you have been suggested repair of a roof by a roofing contractor, but you are not ready to spend the amount asked by him for reroofing, you have other cheaper options in front of you. One method of reroofing is Rolled Roofing, also referred to as merely MSR. It is a very affordable roofing material that is available in rolls having an area of 100 sq feet. 

If you are thinking about using MSR and looking for someone who is an expert in this type of reroofing, you have come to the right place. UC Roofing Pros Inc. is a top-rated roofing contractor in Union City, having helped dozens of clients in their roofing projects.

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What is Rolled Roofing?

Rolled Roofing or the MSR is a mineral surfaced roof that is available in the hardware stores in pieces measuring 100 sq feet each. The length of a single roll is around 36 feet, while its width is 3 feet. You can consider the area of a single roll roughly equal to the area of a single square of the composite shingle. In traditional Roofing, a house is covered with asphalt shingles to protect against the elements. Rolled Roofing is somewhat similar in the sense that the roof is covered with oil-based asphalt products. But the similarities between the two methods of roofing end here.

If one compares traditional roofing made of asphalt shingles and MSR, he finds that rolled Roofing is much cheaper. It is also thinner and installed easily in strips laid horizontally. This type of reroofing is not very durable as compared with shingles that are not prone to tearing and cracking. 

When to Use Rolled Roofing?

Rolled Roofing is often recommended for uninhabited structures like sheds, outdoor arrangements in the property, and garages as it is very cheap, and it is also effortless to lie down over the existing roof. All one needs to do is clean and clear the existing roof so that there are no protruding pieces of concrete that can damage rolled Roofing (MSR). The ideal roofs for using rolled Roofing are flat or gently sloping roofs. You can consider this method of reroofing if your roof has a gradient of 1 inch after every 12 inches. Do not go for rolled Roofing if you have a 2:12 pitch in your structure. 

Pros and Cons of Rolled Roofing

Now that you know what is rolled Roofing, it is pertinent to understand its pros and cons. The most crucial advantage of rolled Roofing is that it can be applied in just a few minutes as compared with traditional asphalt shingles. It is also very cheap and easily transported from the hardware store to the home. It is, however, not very durable and also does not look attractive.

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