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Built-up roofing, referred to as BUR, is a roofing system consisting of layers that are placed over another and bonded with the help of hot asphalt. It is a very common roofing system for commercial flat roofs that have been in vogue for the last 150 years. The number of layers and their quality in a BUR is dependent upon the roof over which it is being installed. If you are impressed by this type of roof and searching for a high-quality contractor specializing in BUR, you have come to the right place.

Antioch Roofing Pros Co. is the most popular and reliable roofer that takes pride in the strong performance and durability of its BUR systems installed on its clients’ roofs.

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BUR in a Nutshell

Built-up roofing has also been known as tar and gravel roof because of the system of alternating layers made of bitumen and fabrics that serve the purpose of reinforcement. The reason why several layers are used in BUR is to provide extra protection against rain and hot weather. This is why many homeowners prefer this type of roofing to stay free from worries of roof damage.

Built-up roofing is considered a very durable and long-lasting roofing system. Extra protection from several layers brings total peace of mind to the customers. At Antioch Roofing Pros Co., we have expert roofers having tons of experience in built-up roofing. They install the BUR system at the client’s roof in a very efficient manner to create a roofing system that lasts for a very long time to come. The BUR systems installed by our craftsmen provide a high level of safety to the roof against hail, snow, and rain.

Built-up Roofing Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs

The top layer in any built-up roofing system can be coated with paint to reduce the intensity of UV rays of the sun. This coating, done with a reflective material, helps prevent the rooms directly under the roof to become heated during the summer months. The same coating helps in keeping these rooms warm during winter months. This is why homeowners consider the money spent on building built-up roofing as an investment in their homes’ energy efficiency. If you request Antioch Roofing Pros Co. to apply this reflective coating to the top layer of your built-up roofing, you can enjoy reduced heating and cooling costs for a long time.

Ideal Structures for Built-up Roofing

The ideal structures for built-up roofing systems are flat commercial roof buildings where there are no worries about the fumes of hot asphalt. Also, customers having a great concern for cost readily agree to built-up roofing that proves much cheaper than traditional asphalt shingles roof.

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