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Roofs exist in a variety of types based on the design and materials used. Usually, there are no specific roofs for residential or commercial properties, but some are preferred for such different properties. Whatever the case is for you, UC Roofing Pros Inc. is the right roofing contractor and is on standby to offer the best.

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You can talk to us if you need an expert for these roof types:

  • Solar roofs
  • Rubber slate roofs
  • Concrete tile roofs
  • Clay tile roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Steel roofs
  • Slate shingle roofs
  • Wood shingle and wood shakes
  • Fiberglass roofs

Different Roof Types

If you are looking for inspirations to the right type of roof for your properties, below is a list of the most common types that you can choose from:


This is also referred to as a French roof. It is four-sided and has two slopes on either side. The slopes meet to form a low-pitched roof.


This roof is also referred to as a lean-to or shed roof. It comprises of single and sloppy roofing and is normally attached to a tall wall.


As the name suggests, this roof is designed with a serrated side view and has two or more pitched sides with alternating vertical and sloped surfaces.


This is also referred to as a snubbed or clipped gable roof. It is more of a gable roof but with clipped off-peak ends.


A saltbox roof has an asymmetrical design with two sides leaning to and slopping flat. The roof has gables on each end.


Also known as a kicked-eaves roof, a bonnet roof is double slopped and like a reverse mansard. The roof has a lower slope that is set at a less angle than the upper one.


This is a gable roof resembling the letter M. It has two sloped sides meeting in the middle.


Dome roofs are usually polygonal in design with an inverted bowl shape.


As the name says, this roof type appears curved.


This is a roof with slopes on all its four sides. The roof’s sides are equal in length and meet at the top of the roof to form a ridge.


A pyramid roof looks like a hip roof. It has four sides that meet at a point on top of the roof.

Dutch Gable

A hybrid of hip and gable roofs gives rise to a Dutch gable roof. For more aesthetic appeal and space, a Dutch gable roof is formed by placing a roof on top of a hip roof.


This is among the most common roof designs. It features a triangular shape and can be made from a range of materials such as cedar shakes, clay tiles, concrete tiles, metal, and asphalt shingles. The different types of gable roofs include side, crossed, front, and Dutch gable roofs.


A gambrel roof is more like a mansard as it has two slopes. The only major variance between the two roofs is that a mansard roof has four sides, while Gambrel has two.

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